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Radio Show Script Euro Movement, Euro Federalism and One World Government

Script from my blogtalkradio The Prophecy Talk show:

Euro Movement, Euro Federalism and One World Government


In last week’s show in which I taught against conspiracy theories I said that in this week’s show I would tell my listeners what information is out in the open and what they have missed by keeping their eye on non-existent conspiracy theories.

If you have purchased my report EUAntichrist  or my book The Seat of the Antichrist where I expose the teachings of European Federalism, which is the ideological term for one worldism  you would have read of the ideology and its aim for a one world government.  You would also have read how federalists believe that the EU should act as the cornerstone for uniting the globe you can read the details about what federalists believe and their slogans.

EU Antichrist reveals that the federalist movement in the European Union is the ideology that drives the Union and many key leaders within the EU have come from Federalist ranks..

European Federalism closely aligns with the European Movement, which dates back to 1947. While Federalism provides the ideology and blueprint for the EU, the European Movement provides the legs.

As I stated last week, Bible Prophecy conspiracy theorists often point to organizations such as the Freemasons, Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations as secret organizations conspiring for World Government. Right under the noses of conspiracy theorists existed  and still exists the European Movement and euro federaslism, which  they should have been paying attention to.  If you do not know about it, you will learn about federalism and the European movement in today’s broadcast. Unlike conspricy theorists whose societies are secret, euro federalist goals and aims are not secret at all but out in the open for all to learn about and possibly join. Many federalists belong to the Bilderbergers, and Trilateral Commission and have their influence within those organizations.

European Federalists existed and started The European Movement. The European Movement formed in 1947 and for good reason.  The ECSC which pooled the steel and coal of France and Germany, and marked the birth of the European Unioin, formed to help prevent another world war. The war officially ended with the surrender of Germany in May of 1945, followed by the surrender of Japan in August 1946. Pro-European and federalist movements campaigned even more actively in favor of European unification. Some of these groups originated in the Resistance and they came together to create the Liaison Committee of the Movements for European Unity on 20 July 1947 in Paris.

It comprised the Independent League for European Cooperation (ILEC), led by former Belgian Prime Minister Paul van Zeeland, the Union of European Federalists (UEF), led by Henri Brugmans of the Netherlands, and Winston Churchill’s United Europe Movement(UEM). The task was soon complicated, however, by personal and ideological differences. The Unionists wanted more of a union, while the federalists wanted a Europe modeled along the lines of the United States.

Alcide De Gasperi and Paul-Henri Spaak, both who were instrumental in the formation of the ECSC, or start of the European Union were elected as Honorary Presidents. After a few name changes of their organization for European Unity, the first Congress of Europe in The Hague in 1948, changed its name to the European Movement.)

Presided over by Winston Churchill, the Congress brought together representatives from across a broad political spectrum, providing them with the opportunity to discuss ideas about the development of the European Union, which was the European Community prior to being renamed the European Union.

Important political figures such as Konrad Adenauer, Winston Churchill, Harold Macmillan, François Mitterrand, Paul-Henry Spaak, Albert Coppé and Altiero Spinelli took an active role in the congress and a call was launched for a political, economic and monetary Union of Europe.  Many of these men were the EU’s founding fathers.   Francois Mitterrand later became prime minister of France and was noted for his contributions to the evolving EU. He supported the enlargement of the Community to include Spain and Portugal (which both joined in January 1986). In 1986 he helped the Single European Act come into effect, which made the EU’s decision making process go smoother and easier to help push through major decisions with greater ease among its members.  Mitterand  worked well with Helmut Kohl and improved Franco-German relations significantly. Together they fathered the Maastricht Treaty. The European Movement has been such an important part of foreign affairs in the wake of the war that the United States funded its operations and formed a US branch.  The American Committee on United Europe (ACUE), founded in 1948, was an sought to counter the Communist threat in Europe by promoting European political integration. Its first chairman was ex-wartime OSS head, William Joseph Donovan.[1]

Declassified American government documents have shown that the ACUE was an important early funder of both the European Movement and the European Youth Campaign. The ACUE itself received funding from the Rockefeller and Ford foundations.

The U.S. policy was to promote a United States of Europe, and to this end the committee was used to discretely funnel CIA funds – by the mid 50′s ACUE was receiving roughly $1,000,000 USD per year – to European pro-federalists supporting such organizations as the Council of Europe, the European Coal and Steel Community, and the proposed European Defence Community.[2]

The European Movements objective is to “contribute to the establishment of a united, federal Europe founded on democratic principles. It provides a structure to encourage and facilitate the active participation of citizens and civil society organisations in the development of a united Europe”. Its 42 National Councils and 32 associated Member Organisations work towards bringing together representatives from European associations, political parties, enterprises, trade unions and individual lobbyists.

The European Movement has played a crucial role in the construction of Europe. The European Movement’s main focus of attention centers on influencing political, social and cultural arenas of European Society. As I am reciting its history, you have to keep in mind that the European Movement is dominated by Euro Federalists and what is Euro federalism’s long term aim but world government with the European Union acting as the cornerstone for uniting the world.  The parallel here is that Jesus is the cornerstone of the church and he unites the church to the father.  The European Union will unite the Antichrist to the world.

The European Movement has been responsible for notable achievements, which have greatly contributed to the European Union.  The first major achievement was the setting up of the Council of Europe in May 1949. The European Movement was also responsible for the creation of the College of Europe in Bruges.  It is to the European political elite what the Harvard Business School is to corporate America.  The Economist describes it as an elite finishing school for aspiring Eurocats. The financial times writes that the elite College of Europe in Bruges in an institution geared to producing crop after crop of graduates with a lifelong enthusiasm for EU integration.

Since 1948, the European Movement has lobbied for further integration, on numerous subjects. It worked in favor of the direct election of the European Parliament  by all European citizens.  In favor of the Treaty on the European Union (the Maastricht Treaty  and also for a European Constitution.  Its objective was to transform the relations between the European States and its citizens into a Federal European Union. Currently, the EMI is represented in 41 European countries and regroups 20 international Associations. Now if this isn’t organized I do not know what is?  If you subscribe to Global Watch weekly they will be coming out with an issue where I write about euro federalism and the European movement and I highlight the EU’s movers and shakers within the European Union and you will see in that report how many key European union leaders, prime ministers, European members of parliament, eu parliament presidents and even heads of NATO are euro federalists.

To the  conspiracy theorists who have been listening these last couple of broadcasts, I believe I have proved to you beyond a doubt, the errors of those teachings and  have revealed to you now, what has existed right under neath the noses of conspiracy theorists, which frankly is more in line with Bible Prophecy and more shocking to the believer who knows what the Scriptures teach about what is ahead.


Why US Citizens Better Pay Attention to the EU

Below is my script from my blogtalkradio The Erika Grey Prophecy Talk Show titled, “Why US Citizens Better Pay Attention to the EU”

There are many people in the US who believe that entire world rises and falls around the United States. America is the most powerful nation in the world.  America provides the policemen for the world. Our soldiers stand in bases situated in countries around the world. The US dollar is the world’s reserve and it is used around the world. Non one can match us. We are the world’s leading superpower.

Americans do not pay attention to anything that does not affect them directly.   We only want to watch news on topics that entertain us. We listen to celebrity gossip, watch the ladies sitting around the view, tune into watch Honey booboo eat her macaroni and cheese, we pay attention to when our  president speaks to the nation, but the European Union, who cares about the EU, besides what is the EU anyway.

Who can understand it.   The EU it sounds boring, we do not want to listen to a boring topic we want to be entertained. We’ll take a scandal anyday.  Shock me, entertain me but don’t bore me with the European Union or any boring BBC world news in parts of the world that no one even cares about.  After all the world rises and falls around the United States. You might look at my book, The Seat of the Antichrist and say hum, catchy title because the Antichrist well he is scary and creepy and he entertains, but the subtitle, Bible Prophecy and The European Union.  Oops there goes that boring EU word again.  Well who cares about the European Union. Besides what is it?  Where is it?  Oh Europe-how unexciting. This humdrum EU word, this European Union that many of you do not know about and do not care about is an empire.  A full fledged, bonfied empire.  Just like the old holy roman one.   BTW, this empire is also what the the prophet Daniel predicted would revive in its later days and launch the Antichrist.   Some of you might say,  The European Union as the final world empire, well that is years away so again who cares.  If you think it is years away you are wrong.

Let me now give you some facts about the EU that will not bore you.

The United States has 314 million citizens, the European Union has 504 million and growing.

The European Union is the world’s largest economy with the largest GDP in the world.

With just 7% of the world’s population, the EU’s trade with the rest of the world accounts for around 20% of global exports and imports. The EU is the world’s biggest exporter and the second-biggest importer.

The euro – used every day by some 332 million Europeans when it was launched in 1999 within a few years became the world’s second reserve currency.

The EU has the world’s largest standing army.

The EU has its own flag, anthem and motto.

Oh but Germany is the European Union’s largest economy and it really runs the EU and without Germany the EU would be nothing.   Germany trades with more countries within the European Union than countries outside of the EU, it is in part so wealthy because of its trade among the EU states.

The Euro crisis, the EU and euro are going to fall apart.   Since the start of the Euro crisis, the EU has tightened its ship, it is fixing the leak so to speak with changes called the six pact, the two pact which MEP Andrew Duff stated was The first steppingstone for the work to develop a fiscal union and The Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance in the Economic and Monetary Union was signed on 2 March 2012.  On their to do list is their issuance of Euro bonds which will be similar to US treasuries, and will give US treasuries some serious competition.  That will knock the US down a few notches.

Oh but the United States has the greatest say in world institutions.  Once the EU adds the final touches to its treaties in 2015 and is a federal government like the US and is no longer considered by those world institutions as a regional pact, it will have the greatest say in world institutions.

For all of your people who do not pay attention to the EU, who think that the EU is boring and means nothing to American citizens I am going to play you a song and the song is the European Union’s national anthem and I want you to listen because one day this is going to be the anthem that will become known to the world. It will be the anthem for many nations..  You will pay attention then. Listen because you might as well get used to it now.


I hope that you enjoyed the anthem.  Now that you have listened to the world’s future anthem let me tell you that the day is coming soon when the world will enter the tribulation period.  The prophets of God have warned you and have been warning and you do not pay attention. The signs are all here, and there are many who are pointing them out on blogtalkradio, on youtube, and elsewhere on the internet, we may differ in what we focus on,and may each have a special area of expertise,  but our final message is the same. Just as Jeremiah and the Old Testament prophets warned Israel of the coming Babylonian invasion, we are warning you that the tribulation is coming.  You had better be ready because now is the acceptable time of Salvation. This European Union that you can care less about is already an empire.  A non imperial empire as Commission President Barosso defined.  It will rule the middle east region and the world. It will conquer nations and march through them as warring nations do. The EU will be headed by the Antichrist. You better pay attention to what is going on in the world because the world does not rise and fall around the United States.

If you are a Christian during that time you cannot take the mark of the beast because to take the mark is to die eternally.   As Eve took the apple and died spiritually, so taking the mark of the beast will bring upon yourself eternal damnation.   The Antichrist is not coming from the United States, he is not going to spring from the United Nations, or any Middle Eastern Country such as Syria or Iraq, he is going to rise from the waters of the Mediterranean.   He will rise with his little horn and ten surrounding horns on his 7 heads which represents the European Union in its final form in contrast to the slain lamb of God with 7 horns and seven eyes, his 7 horns representing the 7 churches in the beginning of the book of revelation that he is Lord over. The church of Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, Laodicea.   The European Union under the direction of the Antichrist will become the monolith beast with a, lion face bearing giant teeth, walking on crushing iron legs with huge bear’s feet with cheetah speed. It will become a modern day tower of babel the Bible refers to him and his empire as a beast. It is like a wild beast because its leader will be evil, vile and corrupt. , and will literally be the  Son of Satan himself and In the mean time don’t pay attention to the European Union, stay blinded in the delusion that everything in this world rises and falls around the United States.  You’ll pay attention one day,  that I can guarantee you.


The New Order: The Age of Empire: The New World Order is History?

Below you will find the article written for my BlogTalkRadio Show “Prophecy Talk” show titled:

The New Order: The Age of Empire: The New Order is History. 

23 Years ago on September 11, 1990 George Bush stood at a podium in front of congress and uttered the phrase New World Order. Like LIGHTNING, it bolted through the airwaves of conspiracy theorists and the huddled masses of Evangelical Christians. The New World Order would launch the Antichrist and the ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT the bible describes. New World Order became the end all, CATCH-ALL PHRASE of Bible Prophecy watchers. While the apostle John sat on a rock on the Isle of Patmos he saw in his END-TIME vision the whole world WORSHIPING and taking the Mark of the Beast.  John’s vision recorded in Revelation chapter 13 aligned perfectly with a New World Order, which implied the possibility of a World state.

Here in 2013, I am here to tell you that New World Order is now for the history books.  Thank you George Herbert Bush, your little phrase hopped the conspiracy theorist bandwagon, it rocked the evangelical Christian world and was beaten into the ground and sand so many times, and now it finds itself in the dust bin of history.

Bush coined the phrase 22 years ago.   The Berlin wall fell and the new world order existed for about the next 20 years The new world order rose from the ashes of communism.  George Bush envisioned democracy on a world wide scale with globalization bringing the nations together in cooperation. Conspiracy theorists embraced George Bush’s new world order as headed by their illuminati’s and Bilderbergers.  Its been over 20 years, 22 to be exact and no takeover. We do not have a world governed by the conspiracy theorist’s secret societies.

What happened to the New World Order and why is now a phrase and a piece of history scholars will write into history books?  It transitioned to Age of Empires. We have walked through the doors to the empire Age. No one expected it, no one imagined it.  The prophet Daniel talked about it and laid it out in vivid detail over 2500 years ago..

ACCORDING TO THE WORDS OF THE PROPHETS an empire launches the Antichrist. specifically The Revived Roman Empire. As Daniel stood in front of King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon interpreting his dream image and relating it to the end times, he forecast-ed AND ENVISIONED THE FOUR Empires that would rule Israel.  Among them STOOD the Empire that the Antichrist will rise to super power prominence.  Daniel never wrote about a New World Order, he foresaw an empire, which stands with the appearance of a Terminator.  It walks on two enormous iron legs.  This monster opens its lion like mouth and shows its great iron teeth. It crushes all who oppose it.

In 2008 MEP and former prime minister of Belgium Guy Verhofstadt named the current geopolitical frame work as the age of empires. He brought up the emerging bric nations of Brazil, Russia, India, China and the United States and European Union.

Russia has 143, million citizens,

Brazil the fifth largest nation in the world has 200 million

The United States population of 316 million is cited as the third largest nation, but is knocked off of its third place slot by the European union, which has 504 million citizens.  When Croatia becomes the 28th member of the European Union in July of this year its population will increase to 508.2 million citizens.

China and India are monolith. China is the largest nation in the world with 1.3 billion persons and India follows right behind with 1.21 billion.

The empire that prophecy watchers should keep an eye on, is the one that Daniel pinpoints as the final world empire. This is the revived roman empire, which is today’s European Union.

European Union Commission President Manuel Barroso while sitting among a group of European Union officials was asked by a reporter about the structure of the European Union and he answered CALMLY that it is an empire. He called it a non-imperial empire.

During the cold war we lived in a bipolar wold with the US and Russia as the leading superpowers.  Afterwards the world went unipolar with the United States as the sole superpower.   Some experts say we have evolved into a multipolar world, which has replaced the new world order.  A multipolar world will only exist for a short time.  The bible describes a unipolar world headed by an empire that unifies the world.  It does not happen via a conspiracy, but rather via geopolitics .  Thus, one of the empires in the multipolar world reaches the top of the list in economic strength and power turning the multipolar world, unipolar.

John while standing on the sands of the Mediterranean sea sees a beast rise up out of the sea. Its seven heads and ten horns pop out of the water and its fully exposed head bears a blasphemous name. John does not see a new world order, he sees an empire.  The final world empire rules the nations. The final world empire makes the world’s citizens take the mark of the beast.  The final world empire will write the rules for the globe.  The final world empire will launch the Antichrist who will lead this government to super power status..

George Herbert Bush’s new world order is now history and the new order is the age of empire or the empire age.  Bible prophecy watchers will see the evolution of the multipolar into a unipolar with the European Union as the leading world empire.

Tune into the show



An EU Directory For EU News and Prophecy Buffs

My book The Seat of the Antichrist: Bible Prophecy and the European Union proves that the EU is the final world power spoken of by Daniel the Prophet and John in the Revelation and provides an in-depth view of the EU in light of Prophecy in the Bible.

Bible Prophecy watchers should be keeping an eye on the EU’s political evolution, which will rise  to superpower or super-empire status.

For this reason I created this EU Directory, which provides the best links to EU news, EU think-tanks and the Federalist Movement in Europe, which is the ideology that drives the EU.

Europa  Website-The EU’s Website which is home to all government publications, treaties, press releases, and has pages for each EU institution and so much more.

Agence Europe: The European Union Press Agency  Europe is a leading information source consulted by journalists and EU leaders for more than 50 years. Considered throughout the world as THE SOURCE and the EU Bible of information on European economic and political integration.   It is very expensive to order but they provide a one week free trial.  The daily bulletins are exhaustive and if you do not have time for them the reports alone are worth getting.  

The following links are the best online news sources for getting up to the minute EU news with EurActiv taking the lead.


EU Observer


New Europe

EUXTV The European Affairs Channel  Found on Youtube, this is the leading EU news channel which has earned a reputation for providing clips not found in any other television/internet news source.

Directory of Think Tanks that influence and aid in the formation of EU policy.  

European Union Think Tank Directory

While the following links are to EU think-tanks, which are already included in the directory but are here for easy access.  Notre Europe was founded by Jacques Delors a former EU Commission President who is one of the father’s of the present European Union.

European Council on Foreign Relations

European Policy Centre

Notre Europe

Europe’s World Notre Europe publishes Europe’s  World, an online  news source and is the only independent Europe-wide policy journal, produced in association with over 130 leading European think tanks and academic institutions.

The  News Rags with the Financial Times taking the lead.  

Financial Times

International Herald Tribune

Global New York Times

Wall Street Journal

The European Federalist movement ,which the Seat of the Antichrist devotes an entire chapter to regarding its one-world  ideology and is influence on EU leaders and EU policy. The Federalist Trust listed below is also  think-tank listed in the Think-Tank directory .

Federalist Trust for Education and Research

 U.E.F. Union of European Federalists

E.U.F.’s Facebook Page

The Federalist: A Political Review

JEF: Young European Federalists

JEF on Facebook

European Federalists

The New Federalist

Federal Union the Pioneers

For Riveting and Complete Details on the European Union and Bible Prophecy Buy My Book: The Seat of the Antichrist: Bible Prophecy and The European Union


The EU: The Building of Its Empire

 The EU is an empire.  If you go to my website you will find the video where present EU Commissioner Barosso classifies the EU as an Empire. Former Belgium Prime Minister and president of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats in the EU Parliament Guy Verhofstadt stated that we are in the age of empires.   The current financial crisis will end up bringing about an EU that mirrors the United States, only instead of bringing to together 50 states it will bring together 28+ nations. Here is an excerpt from my book The Seat of the Antichrist: Bible Prophecy and the European Union concerning the EU building its empire which it is still in the process of building.  Concerning the EU’s rise to Empire status you will read some quotes over the past couple of decades of the predictions from world leaders concerning the EU.

           Former Harvard Professor Samuel Huntington speculated in the 1990’s that “the EC if it were to become politically cohesive, would have the population, resources, economic wealth, technology and actual potential military strength to be the preeminent power of the 21st century.” Cornelius van der Klugt, while he chaired Philips, affirmed: “If we organize ourselves, Europe will grow faster than the US and Japan combined.” The EU is in the process of building its empire.  According to Scripture, the EU will become the most powerful empire the world has ever known. EU bureaucrats purpose to transform the EU into a political world power.  Former French President François Mitterrand stated: “From now until the turn of the millennium, we have ten years to win the race for Europeans.  No institution should escape this critical examination, not the European Community, NATO, the Council of Europe or the CSCE.  All should play their part.”  Former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl declared: “I am convinced this is going to be the decade of the Europeans.”[i]

One motive for European unity is to reclaim the limelight that virtually all of its member countries enjoyed during earlier periods of history.   At the start of the Cold War, the US and Soviet Union became the leading world powers.  Europe suffered the greatest share of the war’s destruction.   America aided in the rebuilding of Europe and provided for its defense through the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.   Although Europe and America stood alongside each other as strong allies, Europeans harbored ill feelings concerning certain American policies.  Some

Europeans desired a significant place on the world stage.

At the end of World War II, the European dream was reborn, and during the Cold War it crept along.  Charles de Gaulle stated in his Memoirs that “Europe by confederation of its nations, can and must be for the well-being of its people, become the greatest political, economic and military and cultural power that ever existed.”[ii] From the mid- to late 1980s, a spark rekindled, and the fall of the Berlin Wall added fuel to the fire.  The end of the Cold War and the beginning of the New World Order marked a new era for Europe.


Based on what is happening in the news, it looks like the financial crisis might give the EU the final push it needs into the next state of its existence which the Bible already forecasts.





The Coming One World Government


A single world system is not new to man.  Genesis records the historical account of the Tower of Babel.  Mankind in ancient times united their efforts to build a tower to reach into the heavens.  God declared that “now nothing that they propose to do will be withheld from them,” and confounded their language.  Give man too much power, and he becomes dangerous.  A unified world with a single world government will be a modern-day Tower of Babel.

It is paradoxical that as the world grows more populated, it becomes more of a single unit.  To date, we see the skeletal form of a one-world system, and can speculate on its continuing evolution.  The world is breaking up into regional economic groupings.  Pat Buchanan commented that “in the New World Order, rules are set by west and east globalists.”[i] These policy makers think in terms of international law as evidenced by the European Union federalists.  World institutions will gain more power, and govern in their respective areas with the Antichrist as head of the European Union leading the world into oneness.

A one-world government will become man’s final attempt at creating a utopian society that excludes God and deifies man.  The one individual who will advocate and pursue this ideology will be man’s greatest enemy.  The world federation will not “open the history of the human race,” but rather end it.

The process of globalization is occurring through the natural order of events.  At present, the world is fragmented.  The European Union will act as the cornerstone for uniting the world, in the same way Jesus is the “chief cornerstone” of the church.  None of this is coincidental; we know that the Antichrist’s empire here on earth mimics the Kingdom of God.


The above is an excerpt from my book The Seat of the Antichrist: Bible Prophecy and The European Union





The EU: The Cornerstone for Uniting the World


Within the EU, federalists hold key positions, and impact upon the EU’s future direction and policies toward global governance.  EU bureaucrats have adopted a federalist blueprint.  With EU laws based on those of world institutions, once the EU becomes the world’s leading power, it will lead other nations into global governance.  In its mega superpower status, its policies will take precedence on the world stage.

Lucio Levi, the editor of The Federalist Debate, published in Torino, Italy, stated in the July 2001 issue: “A center of power must emerge with the capability of supporting the plan for a world democratic order.  The European Union could be such a power.…It is reasonable to believe that Europe will hold sufficient power to relieve the United States of some of their overwhelming world responsibilities, and thus have the authority to persuade them to support the democratic reform of the United Nations.”[i]


          Federalists have already mapped out the route the EU will take to achieve world government.  A powerful EU will have the greatest voice in world organizations.  Most nations will hand over their sovereignty to these institutions.  When the EU has sufficient power, it will write the rules for the world.  Italy has proposed that in the future the European Union might seek a single permanent seat at the UN Security Council.  Germany’s defense minister also supports the EU’s having a single seat on the UN Security Council.  These proposals are the first stage of what has yet to occur.  The 1999 issue of The Federalist, published in Pavia, Italy, states:

It is as indicated, a question of predicting what type of world equilibrium the birth of the European federation will help to create, and what new forces it will help to unleash. We are all federalists because of our conviction that the founding of a European federation will be an important step forwards on the road towards the creation of a world federation, that it will allow the establishment of more stable, peaceful and open relations between peoples, that it will give the United Nations

a more solid basis for action, that it will, through the example which its own birth will set the world, favor the development of new trends toward regional unification and give considerable impulse to the diffusion of the culture of the unity of mankind.  And it will do this by mere virtue of its mere existence, and regardless of its governments’ inclinations over foreign policy.[ii]

Federalist thought provides the ideological backbone for the European Union.  These ideals based on both religious and humanistic thinking or the teachings in the cup of the Whore, provide the Antichrist with a perfect platform for world rule.


The above blog is an excerpt taken from my book, The Seat of the Antichrist: Bible Prophecy and the European Union, changed slightly for the internet.



EU Empire-The Formation of the Spinelli Group

At this time when the EU is at the crossroads of punching up to its weight, making its presidency more visible on the world stage and implementing the various details of the Lisbon Treaty, meant to transform the EU into a political power, the Spinelli Group of federalists recently formed with the intention of driving the EU forward politically.  The cast of names comes as no surprise, that it is headed by Guy Verhofstadt who also heads the ALDE group of liberals in the EU parliament and who stated in his article,  “The Financial Crisis Three Ways Out For Europe,” that the start of the Great Recession in 2008 ended the US’s lead role in a bipolar world and ushered in a multipolar world and age of empires for which the EU exists as one of its poles. Their aim is to overcome nationalism and promote federalism across Europe.    Federalism teaches that the nation state is not in line with evolutionary advance of the world state, that the nation state is a traditional form of government because today’s problems effect the entire globe and world governmental institutions can combat these problems effectively.  Of course the EU provides the perfect model. The Spinelli Group wants to put pressure on the Member States to establish a federal Europe. On their agenda is the formation of a European army. In my book The Seat of The Antichrist: Bible Prophecy and the European Union, an entire chapter is devoted to the Federalist movement and its impact on the formation of the European Union. The Spinelli group named after EU Founder Alterio Spinelli who Europeans regard as the EU’s Godfather.  Spinelli was a founding father of the EU and of the European Federalist movement in Milan.  A former member of the European Commission for five years and a member of the European Parliament for ten years right up until his death in 1986.  During the 1980’s, Spinelli succeeded in getting the Parliament to adopt a draft treaty on European Union, which lay the foundation for the Maastrict treaty.  The main building of the European Parliament bears his name along with the Spinelli group, which aims to aggressively promote federalism across the EU.  The Spinelli group’s roster reads as a who’s who in the European Federalist movement.

The Spinelli group invites European Union citizens to sign the manifesto in which “more Europe” is the answer to the problems that Europe faces.  In addition their aim is to accelerate the integration process along federalist lines and the Spinelli group has organized the Shadow group to influence the national politicians of EU interests before European Council meetings.

From a prophetic perspective we know this group will influence and succeed because there is coming a day when the EU will have world rule. One can look to the future Bible prophecy predicts and look back to groups such as these and see their significance.     The formation of the group could not be timelier as the EU is at a crossroads and this writer will report on their evolution into the greatest, strongest empire to have ever existed.

For more on the final world empire, read my book the Seat of the Antichrist: Bible Prophecy and the European Union and for Bible Prophecy Updates visit my website at or

EU Empire Punching Up To Its Weight in World Institutions

At the European Union Summit on September 16, 2010, where EU leaders gathered to discuss their helping the EU build a more common foreign policy, Council President HermanVan Rumpuy stated that the 27 nation bloc which accounts for 22 percent of the world economy “is punching below its weight.” He prompted leaders to discuss their common foreign policy message and deliver it effectively.  This same comment was made at a speech at the Federalist Reserve in 2003 by Former Ambassador Guenter Burghardt who headed the delegation of the European Union in the US, that the EU was punching far below its weight.

Former Belgian Prime Minister and ALDE group leader within the EU Parliament Guy Verhofstadt stated in his article, “The Financial Crisis Three Ways out for Europe,” that the start of the Great Recession in 2008 marked the end of the bipolar world dominated by the US and is the official start of a mulitpolar world and the age of empires to which the non imperial EU exists as one of the poles.  No doubt the EU with over 500 million citizens is punching below its weight and is on a crusade for the world’s nations to feel its weight.

For Bible prophecy watchers these are exciting times when we get to watch prophecy unfold before our very eyes and can also get specific on what we are watching.   Having said that, with this multipolor shift and the new age of empires the EU is determined to throw its weight around on the world stage. The question is how will this impact its status in the current world institutional structure? The Economist predicted in the early 1990’s that the EU would end up by virtue of its size with the greatest say in the world institutions, but not so easy, at the IMF where several EU nations hold individual seats they should have one seat.  Some politicians stated that given the size of the EU the many seats are justified. There is talk of reforming the IMF to reflect the new economic powerhouses. Argentina is one of the countries pushing hard for reform.

The EU is also pushing hard to upgrade its status at the UN to put it on par with the quasi –states such as the Vatican and Palestine, they want the UN to recognize their new unified foreign policy enacted in the recent Lisbon treaty.   The resolution, if adopted, would give the EU its own seat and nameplate in UN General Assembly chamber and committees and allow it to take part in debates and co-sponsor resolutions — but not vote. The EU foreign policy chief, will be able to address the UN on behalf of the EU.

As a regional organization, the EU only holds observer status that relegates it to the end of the speakers’ list and denies it a seat. The EU as a grouping is not a UN member and its delegates sit alongside entities such as the Vatican, the Red Cross and the Arab League.  EU diplomats concede that it will be “problematic” to demand upgraded status for the EU at the UN, an organization of nation states.  On September 15, 2010,the UN General Assembly defeated the resolution that would have granted the EU extra rights in its proceedings.  This decision embarrassed the EU.   Its status as an organization of nation states and a regional grouping which lies at the core of the EU’s strength is a stumbling block to its making its weight felt in institutions created in a bipolar world run by superpowers versus empires. The EU will succeed, we know this from the prophetic forecasts concerning the Final World Empire, or would it be more correct to call it a Final World Non -Imperial Empire.  Bible Prophecy Watchers will want to keep an eye on how the EU-UN saga will play out and how the EU will punch up to its weight. 

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EU Commission President to Gain More Visibility on World Stage

The EU Commission President holds the most powerful leadership position within the EU governmental structure yet the spot has little visibility on the world stage. Representing 27 member states with a population of over 500 million, one would expect the head of the empire to have been more in the spotlight.   In my book the Seat of the Antichrist: Bible Prophecy and the European Union I explain how the EU Commission is the power center of the EU and its President runs the Union. This seat will launch the Antichrist because all of the powers that the Antichrist will have fit this position and we know that the EU is the final world empire described by Daniel the Prophet and John in the Revelation.  The book provides the fine details. In my book I explain how the book of Daniel describes the Antichrist’s political seat as a “little horn” because it is relatively new in comparison to the ten kings (big horns) who come from the established kingdoms.  The Bible’s description of this little horn which rises amongst the established kings and grows so big and great it reaches to the heavens parallel with its position today.

 The EU Commission president does not have prominence on the world stage. The position is relatively low key and not recognized, which does not take from its importance.  The post is so unrecognized, that when the Associated Press ran an article on Herman Van Rompuy when he was first appointed as president of the European Council, after the enactment of the Lisbon Treaty, which created his presidency, the Associated Press writer thought that his presidency would now run the European Union.  In fact, there are five different presidents within the EU’s institutions; the EU Parliament has a President as does the EU Court of Justice–also an EU governing body.   Borroso, the current EU Commission President at the time told the media that it was not Van Rompuy whose number Washington will call but the Commission President i.e. his number.   This question originated from a comment by Henry Kissinger years ago about the US phoning one number in the EU during a world crisis. The EU has one number to phone in the US: our president.  The Associated Press did not have its facts right on the EU’s institutions and Borroso corrected them. This mistake was easily made because of how low key the EU Commission President has been on the world stage.

 We know that the Antichrist’s position allows him a lot of recognition and a platform to speak and get his deceptive speeches known to the world.   It is only a matter of time before the EU Commission Presidency gains more recognition –and his horn begins to grow—as he gains more power and recognition. Based on a couple of recent decisions within the EU, it looks like this platform is now being prepared,  The EU Commission President had its first “State of the Union” address (set up by the Lisbon treaty) which is identical to our State of the Union Address which is televised.,

In addition, according to the article below, the Commission is making changes which will beef up their presence and get their political message out and make sure the Commission President gets the proper coverage and credit and becomes personally known to the masses.

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