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Bible Prophecy Updates of is  Bible Prophecy Headquarters and provides in-depth Bible Prophecy articles that go to the core of end time  teachings.  These include:

The Beast of Revelation

The Final World Empire taught by the prophet Daniel

The Whore of Babylon

The Mark of the Beast, 666

The Antichrist

World Government

Israel in Bible Prophecy  and more.

Bible Prophecy Updates  also includes free books  by Evangelical Christian and non-fiction author Erika Grey, author of The Seat of the Antichrist: Bible Prophecy and the European  Union among other titles.

Bible Prophecy Headquarters provides in depth articles of prophecy in the Bible and End Time teachings. Bible Prophecy Headquarters provides the latest  information you will not want to miss.

Be sure to check Erika’s Homepage for her short commentaries on events in the news.