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The Apocalypse: The End of Days Prophecy Chapter 8


After the Antichrist signs the peace treaty,  economic prosperity follows the first three and a half years after the agreement.  The Antichrist raises the EU into a great economic and political world power.  Nations prosper through trade and association with him.  The Antichrist wins the favor of the masses because he leads the European Union into great prosperity, and all associated nations will grow financially.

In the first 3 1/2 years after the signing of the treaty, peace is taken from the earth. Nation will rise against nation, and people will murder one another. Animals will also act out of the norm and kill individuals.  The Antichrist will use the wars and conflicts to his empire’s advantage in the same way the US involves itself in conflicts that effect its interests.

The Antichrist gains popularity through deceit.  The seeming people’s president tells the people what they wish to hear, while pursuing his own diabolical plans.  He is not so much charismatic as he is bold according to Daniel. Midway through the Tribulation, the Antichrist changes his pro-peace policy.  He receives a deadly head wound, possibly from an assassination attempt.  Miraculously, he comes back to life (Rev. 13:3). A terrorist group may murder him due to his pro-Israeli policies.  For one reason or another, certain individuals will oppose him.

Zechariah elaborates upon his wound.  He describes: “The sword shall be against his arm, and against his right eye: his arm shall completely wither, and his right eye shall be totally blinded” (Zech. 11:17). He will remain blinded in his  eye, and paralyzed in his arm on the right side of his body. The Antichrist’s return from the dead—or near death—instantly increases his notoriety.  The Antichrist allies himself with “the False Prophet,” (Rev. 19:20) a member of the unholy trinity. A renowned religious leader able to perform miracles he campaigns for the Antichrist.  In this time frame, the  Antichrist institutes the Mark of the Beast worldwide.  No person can buy or sell unless he wears it.

Three and a half years after these negotiations, he stands in the Jewish Temple and declares himself a god. The Antichrist then lays siege to Jerusalem, and seeks to exterminate the Jews.  Zechariah 13:8 tells us that two-thirds of the Jewish population die due to his exploits.  The verse affirms: “And it shall come to pass, in all the land, says the Lord, that two-thirds in it shall be cut off and die; but one-third shall be left in it.” The remaining third, God refines.  They call upon His name, and He hears them.  There are 13.8 million Jews worldwide.  This would amount to the deaths of over eight million Jewish people in a three-and-a-half-year time period!

The Temple Rebuilt

During the first half of the Tribulation, the Jews rebuild the Temple of Solomon according to the exact dimensions described in I Kings, chapter 6.  Christ warns the Jews of the “abomination of desolation: spoken of by the prophet Daniel,” indicating the Jewish Temple’s restoration.  The abominable act takes place inside the Temple.  This desecration prompts the beginning of God’s severe wrath and judgments upon the earth.

Currently, the Dome of the Rock, an Islamic Shrine which houses the foundation stone and a major landmark built in 691 A.D., making it the oldest Islamic building in the world was constructed over the site of the second Jewish Temple destroyed in A.D. 70.

At present, in Israel a fundamentalist Jewish movement exists that aims to rebuild the Temple. Within the Israeli government, the right-wing political party, the Temple Mount Faithful wish to relocate the Dome to Mecca and replace it with a third Temple.  They intend on constructing the Temple on the Dome of the Rock and also suggest building a new Temple on the site, in a place that will not interfere with existing buildings.  They openly declare that their ultimate goal is the demolition of the al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock, and the reconstruction on their site of King Solomon’s Temple.  The Temple Mount is the holiest site in Jerusalem.

Jeremiah foretold the Temple’s destruction by the Babylonians (26:6-12). Daniel predicted the Temple’s desecration by the Syrian King Antichious Euphrates (Dan. 8:8-12). He also foretold Jerusalem’s restoration and rebuilding by Herod and the Temple’s destruction by the Romans in A.D. 70 (Dan. 9:25).  Hosea 3:4-5 foretells the long time the Jews will remain without the symbols used in their worship, and without the Temple and how they will return to their God in the latter days.

For the children of Israel shall abide many days without king or prince, without sacrifice or sacred pillar, without ephod or teraphim.

Afterward shall the children of Israel return, and seek the Lord their God, and David their king; and shall fear the Lord and his goodness in the latter days.

Daniel also foretells the desecration of a future third Temple, and the persecution of the Jews by the Antichrist (Dan. 9:25-26). Before this prophecy will see fulfillment the Jews will erect a new Temple which means that some future event will destroy the mosque and the Dome of the Rock that are on the site.  This destruction will either happen from a natural disaster such as an earthquake or by war.  Earthquakes have rumbled through the area in the past causing damage to the al-Aqsa mosque.

The Russian and Arab invasion predicted in Ezekiel may destroy the Dome of the Rock located on Mount Moriah. Bible scholars debate the timing of the battle.  Some argue the war occurs prior to the Tribulation and others that this conflict takes place during the millennial reign of Christ.  Either way we know some event will destroy the existing buildings, which will clear the area for the building of the third Temple.  Most likely, the Temple will be rebuilt during the first half of the Tribulation.

The Abomination of Desolation: Matthew 24:15, Mark 13:14, Daniel 8:11-14, 12:11-13, 9:26, 11:31, Joel 1:6

 Within Solomon’s Temple, the “most holy place” housed the Ark of the Covenant (I Kings 6:16-36).  This sanctuary was the place God dwelt among the Israelites (Exodus 25).  The Ark (made of shittim wood overlaid with gold) housed the two tablets of the Ten Commandments, Aaron’s rod, and manna.

Upon the Ark’s mercy seat, the sprinkled blood of sacrificed animals atoned for all of Israel.  It stood as a symbol of the blood of Jesus Christ, which would one day be shed and remit the sins of the world.  The priests abided by many details of dress, conduct, and worship.  When the priests performed these rituals, God met with the children of Israel and sanctified the Temple by His glory (Ex. 29:43).  All of these details and acts symbolized the Messiah, who was to come and be the propitiation for sin.  In that most holy place, God reaffirmed His promise to His people.

Today’s Jews fundamentally reject Jesus Christ as their Messiah, and do not recognize the New Testament. They abide by the regulations of the Old Testament’s Law of Moses and the rabbinical traditions of the Talmud.  The Levitical priests performed the rituals and rites within the Temple.  Animal sacrifice was necessary for the remission of sin.  Without a Temple, no Orthodox Jewish person living today can practice his faith to the letter of the law.  This explains the desire of some Jewish sects to rebuild the Temple, which is as great a part of Judaism as possessing the land which God gave to the Israelites.

Three and a half years after the Antichrist agrees to his covenant (i.e., peace treaty) with Israel; he invades Jerusalem with an army (Joel 1:6, Dan. 11:31, 9:26).  He then enters the most holy place, sits in the Temple and declares himself a god (II Thess. 2:4). The Antichrist terminates the worship and sacrifice, and commits sacrilegious acts, desecrating the Temple.  He

places some abominable thing in the Holy Place.  His true character reveals itself as he lays siege to Israel, occupies its territory, and wages war against Christians and Jews, undertaking their annihilation (Dan. 11:33-35, 12:10, Rev. 6:10-11, Jer. 50:33, Joel 1:6, Matt. 24:9, Mark 13:9-13).  Only a third of the Israelites will survive.  Zechariah 13:8 declares: “And it shall come to pass, in all the land, says the Lord, two in it shall be cut off and die; but one third shall be left in it.”

Concurrently, he and his of kings abolish all religion and their places of worship (Rev.17). At this time the Great Whore is judged by God, but the Antichrist will not tolerate any religion other than the worship of, and devotion to, himself and his empire.  Daniel 11:37 affirms that the Antichrist regards no man, and thus has no thought for human life or suffering.  The Antichrist also launches a war against all believers in Jesus Christ, and many are martyred.

Christ solemnly warns the Jews in Judea at the time to flee to the mountains.  He commands them to run and leave their jackets behind.  He notes the additional suffering for pregnant and nursing mothers who must escape. In Matthew 24:21, Christ declares: “For then there will be great Tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be.

We also see this elaborated on in Revelation Chapter 11. During this time the two witnesses appear on the earth to testify and perform miracles.

In Revelation Chapter 12, we see the woman who represents Israel, flee to the wilderness because she is pursued by the Antichrist.  We are told in Revelation 12:15-16 that “the Serpent spewed water out of his mouth like a flood after the woman, that he might cause her to be carried away by the flood.  But the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened up its mouth and swallowed up the flood which the dragon had spewed out of its mouth.   The Antichrist sends out his massive army to pursue the Jews and either an enormous sinkhole or an earthquake saves the Jews from annihilation.

The Book of Daniel and the Revelation prophecy give the number of days left until the end of the world from the day of the abomination of desolation, and it equals 3 and a half years.

The Covenant of Death

In Isaiah 28:18, God refers to the treaty as a “covenant with death,” an “agreement with hell.” In Ezekiel chapter 13, God is angry at the prophets and prophetesses who speak from their hearts and tell the Israelites of peace. Verse 16 reads: “That is, the prophets of Israel who prophesy concerning Jerusalem, and who see visions of peace for her, when there is no peace, says the Lord God.” Psalm 55:20-21 describes the Antichrist’s aims by stating:

He has put forth his hands against those who were at peace with him: he has broken his covenant.  The words of his mouth were smoother than butter, but war was in his heart: his words were softer than oil, yet they were drawn swords.” Isaiah 33:7-9 adds: “Surely their valiant ones shall cry outside, the ambassadors of peace shall weep bitterly.  The highways lie waste, the wayfaring man ceases.  He has broken the covenant, He has despised the cities He regards no man.”

Some prophecy teachers teach that the four horsemen of Revelation 6:1-8 symbolize the Antichrist’s reign of terror, which ends the lives of  one-fourth of the world’s population.  I had leaned in that direction, but now I believe the army of 200 million is the Antichrist’s army, which ends  the lives of 1/3 of the earth’s population.

When the Antichrist enters power, he acts deceptively, and exalts himself above all, and speaks against the God of gods.  He honors a strange god of fortresses by acknowledging and glorifying it and causing it to rule over many (Dan. 11:23, 36-39).  This might possibly be a weapon system, or computer infrastructure.  The Antichrist changes times and laws (Dan. 7:25), and has a statue made of himself, which the False Prophet will cause to speak.  Those who refuse to honor his image, he murders.  He demands worship from the masses, and the crowds worship him (Rev. 13:8, 14-16). He prospers by accomplishing his aims.  His dreadful and terrible empire devours the world, and breaks it in pieces, with the cheetah speed. (Dan. 7:7, 8:24; Rev. 13:2).

The final world power is the equal of all the previous world powers combined, and its authority extends worldwide (Rev. 13:2). Revelation 13:7-8 confirms that “authority was given him over every tribe, tongue and nation and all who dwell on the earth will worship him.

The Antichrist initially gains the masses’ admiration through his financial and political solutions.  He invades and conquers those nations that oppose him.  Isaiah 10:14 records the power of the Antichrist’s conquest in his own words.  He declares: “My hand has found like a nest the riches of the people: and as one gathers eggs that are left, I have gathered all the earth; and there was no one who moved his wing, nor opened his mouth, with even a peep.” This lines up with Daniel’s description of a demonic, animal, metal beast, which rises to great power.

When the Antichrist establishes himself as s deity,  the False Prophet will come out and perform miracles to campaign for the Antichrist. A sign of allegiance to the Beast is to take his mark, the False Prophet and the Antichrist wage war with those who do not take the Mark.

The Apocalypse: The End of Days Prophecy Chapter 3

Signs of the Times

Daniel 8:23 states that the Tribulation begins when “the transgressors have reached their fullness.” Meaning society cannot get any more wicked. People degenerate to such a great degree that God inflicts his wrath and ushers in a new world ruled by Christ. 2 Timothy 3:1-6 warns that the times will be perilous due to  society’s sin.

What makes the Revelation prophecy so terrifying more than any time in history is that in Bible prophecy nearly all the signs are now in place.   Those of us in the Bible prophecy watching arena, our heads our spinning because we can’t keep up with the headlines we are reporting.

It is my job, and the purpose of this book to help you understand the Revelation prophecy and the world events that line with it.  It is my intent to show you the signs that are now in place and how close we are to the end of the world. The first place that we are seeing signs fulfilled is within society itself. Today the acts committed by persons one toward another are unbelievably violent and unthinkable.

We also read more and more stories of sexual deviance. In one account a mother of a small child was having sex with a 15 year old boy with her young child walking into the room and witnessing the act. There are numerous accounts of men raping babies, and mothers who turn the babies over to these men, In addition women who make their children engage in child pornography.  Gang  rapes now include mutilation. It isn’t enough to just rape, but now the rapists impale and mutilate the victim by inserting sticks, rods or broken bottles, which the Syrian captures placed into the rectums of male prisoners.

These incidents will continue to increase as the world becomes the civilization God said He would have to judge.  Joel 3:3 declares: “They have cast lots for My people; Have given a boy in exchange for a harlot, and sold a girl for wine, that they may drink.”  During the Tribulation, soldiers sell children for sexual purposes, for as little as a bottle of wine.  Men will use boys as prostitutes.  These acts mirror crimes committed against children today.  We have arrived at the end times that Christ foretold in the Gospels. Violence and sexual perversion mark this decade. Our society is laden with social maladies, and thus has become a replica of Noah’s and Lot’s.

Reports of horrific crimes committed both by children and against them fill our airwaves.  In part, the breakdown of the family—evidenced by the rising divorce rate—is to blame for the unruly children who shoot up their schools, and kill their parents and peers.  Our homes are in upheaval; people cannot manage to live or work together.

Not only must we be aware of the criminals who rob us on the street or invade our homes, but we must also be conscious of the many scams perpetrated by wealthy corporate leaders who rob their employees and investors.  It is as if every person is out for themselves. On my radio show on blogtalkradio one of the segments on my show Prophecy Talk is my 2 Timothy report. The stories I report on are so violent and sexually deviant that I had to give my show a mature rating:

The story of the cannibal cop who fed himself on pornography that showed women being tortured and burned alive and then eaten.

The account of the two firefighters who  held a young teenage boy as a sex slave.

The crime committed by the John Hopkins gynecologist who wore a video pen taking pictures of his patients.

The accounts of young mothers who discard their newborns on the side of the road, and of the twins who were thrown in a laundry basket.

The fathers who slit the throats of his daughters, or the men who brutally murder their young sons.

The brutal gang rapes and mutilations in India and one that included a five-year-old girl who was found with a bottle inside of her.

The story of the donkey that was raped to death by four men.

The man who ate his 95 year old grandmother.

The young 20 year old male who attempted to rape his grandmother because he could not get a girlfriend.

The pedophiles found with both inappropriate photos of children and animals.

The brutal killings of young school children by Newtown Killer, who shot to them to death while they sat in their classrooms.

The Boston bombers who set off bombs at the Boston Marathon and killed and maimed innocent men, women and children.

One mother had two sons who both lost a leg. People are dealing with situations that are so difficult they become bitter and angry at God. They do not understand how a loving God can allow their suffering.  This is a fallen world governed by Satan, where man has free will.  It is man’s choices that cause the pain most of us suffer. In the Revelation God promises to those who love Him a future pain free existence.

The carnal man or woman lives for things of this world while the spiritual person lives for the next, knowing that there is nothing this planet has to offer that promises any real fulfillment.

In 2 Timothy 3:1-4, the Bible summarizes the evil state of man in the last days:

But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come:

For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control,  brutal, despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God.

Jesus provided several signs, which include, wars and rumors of wars, famines, pestilences, earthquakes, false prophets, and lawlessness.  All nations will have heard the Gospel.  Christ exhorted believers to “watch” for the signs of the times (Mark 13:37).  Jesus compared the events leading to His second coming to the labor pains of childbirth (Matt. 24:8, Mark 13:8).  These occur closer together, increasing in severity, until the moment of birth.

Events on the global scene, and the escalating rates of violence and natural disasters, happen today at an ever-quickening pace.  Hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes break records in their frequency, and strike localities once untouched by the forces of nature.

The term tsunami came into our vocabularies after one struck in 2004. According to National Geographic News, the tsunami that roared through the Indian Ocean in 2004 became the deadliest tsunami in history.  The US Geological Survey estimated that it released the energy of 23,000 Hiroshima-type atomic bombs.

After the Haiti earthquake in 2010, Time Magazine recorded the “Top 10 Deadliest Earthquakes” in history and three of them occurred within the recent six years; the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, the earthquake that struck Kashmir Pakistan in 2005 and the quake in Sichuan Province in China in 2008. The 2004 and 2005 hurricane seasons were so devastating they made it into Wikipedia’s “Timeline of US History.”  Hurricane Katrina became the costliest hurricane of all time.”  Since 2010, earthquakes and natural disasters have picked up even greater speed and broken more records. In addition, we are also seeing a record number of sinkholes, and one man was swallowed by one and never found. We also experienced the Oklahoma tornado in 2013 that was the largest in US history.

The number of plagues’ and pestilence, infiltrations of giant bugs and locusts is also rising. We are seeing bugs that we never heard of that are now creeping into our world and proliferating.

The shock waves that rippled through the political events of the late 1980’s and weather patterns of recent decades, hit the global financial markets in 2007.  The financial crash occurred in 2008 after the recession began. The same unpredictable patterns felt in the weather now hit the financial markets, first striking the US and then rippling through the world.   High level financial managers sat baffled as predictable strategies became unreliable as markets reacted by going in unforeseen directions they had never before moved in history.  So great was its impact that the major newspapers reported that the world economy came to a literal stop. The world financial markets still have not recovered.

False Prophets

 Jesus tells us that during the Tribulation, fake Christs and prophets perform signs and wonders so great that, if it were possible, they will deceive the very elect (Matthew 24:24).  Signs and wonders will be characteristic of the Tribulation period as evidenced by the miracles written about in the Revelation performed by the False Prophet and the two witnesses.

As a sign of what is to come is the story of 54-year-old  Pastor Jack Schaap, He is Jack Hyle’s son-in-law and he became pastor of his mega church in Hammond Indiana. He was arrested and sent to prison for carrying on an affair with a 16-year-old girl.  He told her that their affair was of Jesus, and he was teaching her the way of righteousness.  He deceived an entire congregation of born-again  believers.

The day Pope Francis was elected a barefoot man dressed in sackcloth was at the Vatican praying.  A born-again  fella made a video of him speaking to this gent in sackcloth, and he was mesmerized by his action.

At first upon listening to the man in sackcloth speak one would believe he followed Jesus, but the more he spoke you could hear that he was not a believer at all.  A born-again  Christian and his friend were following this man based on his being dressed in sackcloth, barefoot and praying at the Vatican. According to Jesus, we will see false Christs as the end approaches and when you observe how Jack Schaap, deceived the elect you know exactly what Jesus is talking about.   Only they will appear with the greater deception of signs and wonders.

We are, no doubt in the end times described by Jesus. There is so much I have not covered in this Chapter that confirms we are, in fact, in the last days. I can write a book on the signs alone. While the events on the social and weather scene point to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, in the international arena, they have also traveled the same distance.

We will next look at what the Bible tells us what we can expect during the Tribulation period as relayed by the Revelation prophecy.

The Revived Roman Empire: Europe in Bible Prophecy Free Version

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In this report, I  teamed up with teamed up with Global Watch Weekly (Rema Marketing) to produce The Revived Roman Empire.  They provided the introductory material on the history of the Roman Empire, the detailed expose on Pope Benedict, photos and cited Media Alert articles. I provided all of the material on the EU and Bible Prophecy. 

The Identity of the 200 Million Army in Revelation 9

What is The Identity of the 200 Million Army in Revelation 9 below is my script from my blogtalkradio show. The Prophecy Talk Show

13 Then the sixth angel sounded: And I heard a voice from the four horns of the golden altar which is before God, 14 saying to the sixth angel who had the trumpet, “Release the four angels who are bound at the great river Euphrates.” 15 So the four angels, who had been prepared for the hour and day and month and year, were released to kill a third of mankind.16 Now the number of the army of the horsemen was two hundred million; I heard the number of them. 17 And thus I saw the horses in the vision: those who sat on them had breastplates of fiery red, hyacinth blue, and sulfur yellow; and the heads of the horses were like the heads of lions; and out of their mouths came fire, smoke, and brimstone. 18 By these three plaguesa third of mankind was killed—by the fire and the smoke and the brimstone which came out of their mouths.

Years ago in Hal Lindsey’s Book the Late Great Planet Earth he identified the army in Revelation 9: 15-19 as China’s  because China’s population was so large their army numbered 200 million and no other army in the world was that large.  But, China makes no sense because we see China entering at the end at Armageddon in Revelation 16: 12 tells us:

Then the sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates, and its water was dried up, so that the way of the kings from the east might be prepared.

China also does not make sense to come during the tribulation because the Beast the Final World Empire is going to be so powerful that it makes no sense for The Chinese to come out of nowhere and invade  the world when the Antichrist will have such a firm grip.  What does make sense is for China along with Russia and the nations of the world to come Against the Antichrist When he is in Jerusalem in the battle of Armageddon to defeat him because at that point he will need to be defeated. Remember he rises the EU to its pinnacle of power and nations trade with his empire and there are good relations.  It is at midway that when he steps into the holy of holies and declares himself as god that the Great tribulation begins and he institutes the mark of the beast which he will have power to do because at that time his empire will hold the world’s reserve currency and will have the leading say in world institutions and will be the strongest economically and politically and militarily and the world will have to go along with his policies to benefit economically, remember all the nations are now connected economically.

Once the great tribulation begins and he goes forth to conquer with great fury to conquer,  We are told in Isaiah 10:14 And my hand hath found as a nest the riches of the people: and as one gathered eggs that are left, have I gathered all the earth; and there was none that moved the wing, or opened the mouth, or peeped.  We know the Antichrist will control the Middle East region and some of this area will be won during this conquest.  Egypt will come into his hands during this time. When the Antichrist sets himself up in the holy of holy’s as god at that point he seeks to annihilate the Jews and all religion upon the face of the earth.  This is good reason at the end for the armies of the world to decide to come against him at the battle of Armageddon.  So who is the army in Revelation 9, it is the army of the beast.  In the four horsemen of Revelation 6 we are shown that the four horsemen and the first horse is the prince on a white horse who goes forth to conquer.  While we know it is not China there are to possibilities of what it can be. I can be a demonic army or can possibly be the army of the Antichrist.  The heads like the heads of lions, we are told that the beast as a mouth like a lion and the colors hyacinth blue and sulfa read are the colors of the EU military flag.   There is also read in the breastplate  and the Hebrew word for red is pyrinos and it means shining like fire. brimstone sulfurous, Jacinth

The smoke, fire and brimstone with power and the mouth and tails sounds like a belt fed rifle. When a gun fires we see fire and smoke. What is worth noting that while the three elements are related, in the bible they are referred to as 3 separate plagues, Rev. 9”:18 By these three plagues was a third of mankind killed-by the fire and the smoke and the brimstone which came out of their mouths.  This next verse sounds like a belt fed rifle or machine gun it reads, “For their power is in their mouth and in their tails, for their tails are like serpents, having heads; and with them they do harm.

In Revelation 9 we see that the Antichrist’s army is 200 million men and is one of the plagues of God. The four angels accompany this army and lend it their strength and one third of the world’s population is killed by this army.  When we go back to the four horsemen of the Revelation we see that war is also part of that campaign, but this one is different and separate.  We do not know the reason for it but we do know that Daniel describes the beast as dreadful and terrible with great iron teeth and he has crushing power.

In conclusion I want to say it is my view if in fact this passage is talking about an army, it is not the Chinese army but the EU’s army,  Today the EU has 505 million citizens, during the Tribulation we know that some of the Middle East countries will be in its sphere of influence including Israel.  Its population will be greater than it is today and can possibly produce an army of 200 million men.  Today the EU has the world’s largest standing army when you take the military of each of the member countries and ad them together. While the EU does not officially have a military the provision for one was laid out in the Lisbon treaty.  The next treaty the one that will be negotiated in 2015, EU leaders have already proposed giving the EU a full defense arm.  The horsemen of 200 million can be the number of heavenly horses that are released and do not correspond with the number of the army, but my hunch is that they do.   Right now the European union Military staff exists and when you ad all of their forces together you come up with about 5 million men, this is personnel age 17-45, active, reserve and paramilitary. So during the Tribulation if this army is in fact the EU army it will triple. This brings us to another question, how big will the EU Empire become, that is the topic for another commentary.

Why a God of Love Will End the World

How Can a Loving God Bring the Tribulation?  Below is my script for my blogtalkradio The Erika Grey Prophecy Talk Show titled,

Why a God of Love Will End the World.

I have heard many times people tell me how God is a loving God and this God would not allow such things as a tribulation or hell for that matter.   God is love.   The Bible says that God is love. These people say that God is not a god who destroys his creation or will do them any harm. I was recently told by someone else concerning divorce that God would not want a person to stay with someone who makes them miserable, not their god.  Then we have Christians who divide God in the Bible, they never read the old Testament  and will tell you that the God of the New Testament is a God of grace and I do not know what they make of the Revelation because that is about annihilation of His creation. This topic comes up quite a bit, which is why I am going to speak on it today.

First and foremost I find that many people fashion God to who they want Him to be, God becomes a god who works for them. A god they can comprehend.   They do not like the Lord of Hosts, the God of the Bible and they make their own god.  These people are not talking to me about the God of the Bible, but their own god who works for them.   Their god that does not send people to hell or will cause the Tribulation.    Then we want to tell Him who He should be and how He should act.

I have one thing I would like to say to these people. This God of love, he is suppose to love, love love and it is okay that no one regards Him, thinks about Him, or pays him any credit for His wonderful creation, and it is okay for them to do all kinds of evil acts before his eyes and defy every command he has ever given. It is okay for everyone to hate one another, lie, steel, cheat,  to look to alcohol, drugs, other persons, money, things, instead of looking to him, and it is okay for them to kill and maim one another in the most brutal, heartless manner possible, and after all of this we want to tell God who we think he should be and how he should allow us our sin.   But, He is so loving that no matter what we do, what we don’t do, how His creation defies Him, dishonors Him, dishonors His Son, talks to God as if they know better than Him, He is going to pick us up and kiss our boo boos. This is not the God of the Bible,  The God of the Bible gave the first command, which is thou shalt love the lord your God with all of your mind and soul. Does anyone love God? Most people don’t and even when they say they do they love everything else in their lives first.  God states in Malachi 1:6:

A son honors his father and a servant his master. If then I am the Father, Where is My honor? And if I am a Master, Where is my reverence?  To the Christian who does not pay attention to the Old Testament and who ignores the teachings of the Old Testament, I want to read you something out of the book of Revelation, which his a very New Testament book. It reads Revelation 9:20  But the rest of mankind, who were not killed by these plagues, did not repent of the work of their hands, that they should not worship demons, and idols of gold, silver, brass, stone, and wood, which can neither see nor hear nor walk.

Now I will read you out of 2 Kings 22:16-17:

Thus says the Lord; Behold “I will bring calamity on this place and its inhabitants-all the words of the book which he king of Judah has read—

“because they have forsaken Me and burned incense to other gods,  that they might provoke Me to anger with all the works of their hands.  Therefore My wrath shall be aroused against this place and shall be quenched. “

This proves that God is the same in the Old Testament and the New Testament and while God is a God of love he is also a God who enacts judgment.

The problem is that many people want to tell God who He should be but there is no fear of God,

Proverbs 9:10 states, The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, Proverbs 1:7 the fear of the Lord is he beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction. Proverbs 10:27 state, The fear of the Lord prolongeth days; but the years of the wicked shall be shortened.

No one has any fear of God today, but they will fear God during the Tribulation as people will experience he cataclysmic natural disasters,

Micah 7:17 tells us: They shall lick the dust like a serpent, they shall move out of their holes like worms of the earth they shall be afraid of the Lord our God, and shall fear because of thee. Isaiah 2:21 tells us that during the Tribulation.

Isaiah elaborates Chapter 2:19-21 states:

They shall go into the holes of the rocks, and into the caves of the earth, From the terror of the Lord And the glory of his majesty, When He arises to shake the earth mightily.

In that day a man will cast away his idols of gold, Which they made each for himself o worship. To the moles and bats, o go into the clefts of the rocks, and into the crags of the rugged rocks, From the terror of the Lord, And the glory of His majesty, When he arises to shake the earth mightily.

God warns in Malachi 3:5 And I will come near you for judgment; I will be a swift witness Against sorcerers, Against adulterers, Against perjurers, Against those who exploit wager earners and widows and orphans, And against those who turn away an alien Because they do not fear me says the Lord of Hosts.

God is a God of Love but he is also a God of judgment.   Its no different than the legal system of many nations, you commit certain unredeemable acts and you get the death penalty, for some countries those acts are less than others.    The Old Testament speaks of some harsh judgments, from the flood to raining fire on Sodom and Gomorrah, which was most likely a major volcanic eruption, to having the earth swallow persons.  He gave Israel over to their enemies who imprisoned, and brutally killed them and did all kinds of mayhem against them.  In Ezekiel 5 7-9 He rebukes the children of Irael for their disobedience and He tells them, “I am against you.” And that he will execute judgments in their midst.  He tells them in verse 9 And I will do among you what I have never done, and the like of which I will never do again because of all your abominations.

Here is what many have criticized and here is where God dropped the bomb. In verse 10 He states: Therefore fathers shall eat their sons in your midst, and some sons shall eat their fathers; and I will execute judgments among you, and all of you who remain I will scatter to the winds.

Can a God of love also destroy the people he created? Yes and the reason is simple.   He gets fed up with their sin against Him, the acts they commit one to another and of their total disregard for him. This is in part why the Tribulation is coming and not only is God going to enact judgments onto the earth, but He is going to obliterate the place in the glory of his majesty and create a new earth ruled by Jesus Christ and where God dwells among His people.   What you want to make sure is that you are going to be one of His people and you become one of His by accepting His son Jesus Chris as your personal savior and believing on His name.  He who believes on the name of the Son of God shall have life.



The Door is About to Shut

 We are living in what Bible Scholars refer to as the dispensation of grace which is a time when people can freely come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.  The dispensation began with the resurrection of Jesus Christ and we are still living in the dispensation today.  Paul the apostle called it the time of the Gentiles meaning that Salvation was no longer just held out to the Nation of Israel but to all Nations.    Prior to the birth of Christ, there was a different dispensation known as the age of the law and the  primary people that God targeted for Salvation were the Jews.  Once Jesus died and resurrected the Age of Grace began and the Gentiles were let into the fold.   It is like being in a giant open warehouse  with all peoples and languages, and filled with products and crafts which symbolize the variety of people and nations.  At the end of the warehouse a giant door  into the age from which everyone can move about freely, beyond  the door is the narrow way that Jesus speaks of that few find and it leads  to life ever lasting.  

The giant door is about to shut and the moment it shuts, the age of grace comes to a close and ends. From that moment forward those left on earth will find themselves trapped in a new dispensation, the time of the end.   Yes, they will be trapped because  this is a time that the Scripture tells us is given over to the Antichrist.   God gives the Believers into Satan’s hand for him to make war with and defeat, that’s right defeat.   We are told that many will be beheaded for  the name of Jesus. It is during this period of martyrdom that we read the often quoted Revelation 12:11: For they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony and they loved not their lives unto death.  The times will be extremely difficult and especially for believers.  

The signs of Jesus are all around us, we are nearing the end of this dispensation and the giant door of this age is about to shut and when it does the age of grace will come to an end and the age  of the end of days will be ushered in will all of its horrors and difficulties.  Those left behind will be no different than those left in a locked house of horrors but the house of horrors will be this planet.

While in Bayshore, Long Island I had the experience of getting off a wrong exit and driving into Brentwood’s abandoned Pilgrim Psychiatric Center , which would stop anyone dead in their tracks because of the creepiness, darkness and horror that emanates from every inch of the building.  In its day it was the largest psychiatric hospital in the world and no doubt the grounds are home to a demonic stronghold  whose force is so great that you can feel it the moment you enter the grounds.  This went above and beyond those childhood scary places, this place is real and even in photos on the internet its creepiness and darkness filters through as if the very design of  the building was designed by the devil himself.   The warehouse that I spoke of, once the door shuts, the world becomes the devil’s grounds and I would imagine that the Seat of the Antichrist, his government headquarters will have the same feel only stronger than Pilgrim.  The final dispensation  will be an era of darkness, spookiness and creepiness while all o the predicted disasters and wars occur.  Thus, the time to turn to the Lord is now so that you will not be left behind in the dark era that is coming.

Bible prophecy presents frightening truths to the reader, but its message is not entirely one of doom and gloom. Believers in Jesus Christ will not go through the Tribulation. God will take them out of the world in the Rapture just before it begins. God provides a way out. His way offers refuge and eternal life.

            God’s gift of eternal life with Christ is simple to obtain, but few will take it. All men are sinners. Sin is anything that we say or do that does not bring glory to God. God is righteous, and the slightest sin within us makes us unrighteous in His sight. There is nothing in and of ourselves that we can do to obtain the favor of God. Isaiah 64:6 states: “And all our righteousness are like filthy rags.” God will not even accept one into heaven for his good works. Salvation is by faith alone. Ephesians 2:8-9 tells us: “For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: not of works lest anyone should boast.” 

            But Romans 10:13 promises, “For whoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” God promises eternal life to anyone who accepts Jesus Christ as his personal savior. 

John 5:24 states: “Most assuredly, I say to you, He who hears My word, and believes in him who sent me, has everlasting life, and shall not come into judgment; but has passed from death into life.”

  If you want to be sure that you are saved and that heaven will be your home, pray this simple sinner’s prayer and mean it with all of your heart: “Oh God, be merciful to me as a sinner, I believe that Jesus died for my sins, and trust Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Thank you Lord Jesus for saving me.” 

He that believes in the Son has everlasting life: and he who does not believe the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abides on him. (John 3:36)


Japan Earthquake and Jesus’ Warning

As a prophecy writer I know that natural disasters and wars are part of the predictions for the end times. One cannot help but be impacted by the frequency and severity of the natural disasters that have been occurring, which Jesus predicted.  Since I last wrote about natural disasters and earthquakes we are now seeing earthquakes in areas unheard of such as Arkansas, and countries in South America and New Zealand.   New Zealand’s earthquake broke an iceberg the size of 20 football fields off of the country’s longest glacier.  In the mean time, the Northeast US, had so much snow that construction trucks or earth moving machines were used instead of plows because the piles of snow mounted so high.  In addition,   floods, hurricanes and cyclones are striking as well.   If this all is not enough, the Japan earthquake hit and it moved the country of Japan off the map by 8 feet. This earthquake that measured 8.9 on the Richter scale set off a giant Tsunami, which once was not a part of our vocabulary and is now a regular word.  

Even though I write about prophecy and tell that these things will happen, when the Japan earthquake hit and nearly leveled many parts of this major world nation I cannot help but sit with my mouth open and utter, “Oh My God.” Some might say that the Japanese people deserved this and this is their punishment, no, what happened to Japan could have happened anywhere and it is happening everywhere.   This is not about punishment for a people this is about the end times and no one, not one nation, not one person will escape.  As Paul Revere rode on his horse and warned, ”The Red Coats are coming,” With this blog I yell, ‘Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved’, the Tribulation is coming, the Tribulation is coming. We are there, we are in the end times and our only hope is through Jesus Christ. 

In the mean time I sit in horror as I watch the pictures, see the videos,  read of the climbing death toll and my heart goes out to the Nation and to the Japanese people.  Yet, I  know that the scenes in Japan will repeat in other nations around the world. Once the tribulation begins, at midway we will see those same scenes except in addition  natural disasters causing them, they will result from war and they will be taking place in many locations at once. The Scripture tells us that one-fourth of the world’s population will die in the wars brought on by the Antichrist.  If many think that this world is about suffering, it will truly be about suffering in the coming days.  I think of the Japanese who are right now without food, and who are cold because they are without shelter and I feel sadness and grief for them and for the many lives lost and those who have lost loved ones and whose family members are missing.  I am also prompted to warn that the Japanese earthquake is the fulfillment of Jesus’ predictions and we will see more and it is a time more than ever to look to Jesus.

Understanding Human Suffering in Light of End-Time Bible Prophecy

Bible Prophecy forecasts episode after episode of natural disasters along with the wars brought on by the final world empire.  In addition, one can expect to suffer at the hands of people they know and deal with including their own family members.   Human suffering will mark the final days of this earth and this brings us back to one of the biggest stumbling blocks for many persons on how can a God who loves us allow so much suffering?  There is a  mother of five from Uganda who watched as burglars killed her husband and afterwards cut off her hands to leave her for dead, yet she lived.   A prosthetic limb company graciously donated her new arms to help her care for her children once again.  There is Dr. Petit a diabetes specialist who can no longer practice medicine because he was emotionally destroyed after a couple of thieves broke into his home and beat him with a bat and left him in the cellar to die while they tied and raped his 11 year old daughter and wife and killed both of his daughters and wife and burned down his home.  There are many, many more stories relaying horrors beyond imagination, just read the pages of amnesty international about the human rights abuses and brutal acts of torture that occur around the globe.  One also only has to think of the Holocaust for a snap shot of man’s inhumanity of man.

The Tribulation will epitomize human suffering. While horrific suffering and man’s inhumanity to man has occurred throughout the ages, Bible Prophecy forecasts more of it.  How can a loving God allow so much suffering in the world he created?  How can he love us and not fix our problems so that we do not have to suffer. This question has troubled man through the ages and also led many to turn away from God and disbelieve in His existence. The answer to this question lies in the cross.    Imagine the King of Kings and Lord of Lords who comes to this earth and dies a most brutal, torturous death.  What humility to go to the depths of human suffering Himself so that He can understand our suffering.  At the same time, His death on the cross brings us our redemption and eternal life.  He knows our pain, the worst that this world can dish out to us because he has been through it. Betrayed by one of his disciples, He was ridiculed, beaten and died a most savage death at the hands of man who He reigns over. 

The next key to understanding human suffering is found in John 18:36 where Jesus answering Pilate stated: “My kingdom is not of this world, If my kingdom were of this world, My servants would fight, so that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now My kingdom is not from here.” Jesus is telling us that the kingdoms of this world are not His, if it is not Jesus’ world, whose world is it this?  It is the Devil’s or the Devil’s playground.   Jesus tells us that in the world we will have tribulation, in John 16:33 he states, “These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace, “In the world you will have tribulation: but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”  Based on what Jesus said to us it does not sound like the world is a people friendly place and the only peace we will have in this world is in Him.  God describes the new heaven and earth in the book of Revelation and states in Revelation 21:4: And God will wipe away ever tear from their eyes; “there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away. The former things being this miserable, pain and suffering world.  When Jesus foretold about the tribulation period he talks about believers “enduring” until the end (Matthew 24:13.) enduring as in enduring pain and hardship.  

The question again remains, how can a loving God create a world filled with pain and suffering?  Before God created man he created the angels who have great powers.   The head angel wanted to be like God and rebelled against Him and took many angels with him.  When God created man he gave him free will and at the Garden of Eden the first battle on earth between good and evil, God and the Devil took place over the battle for the mind of man. At the moment Satan won a victory which God countered with the prophecy of the birth and death of Jesus Christ.  Thus the battle for man started and will end at the battle of Armageddon.  The various kingdoms of this world i.e. the world system belongs to the Devil.  The Kingdom of our Christ is not of this world or any of its systems. 

I believe God knew Satan would rebel and allowed it because Satan represents all that is anti Christ and anti God. They diametrically oppose one another.  God allows Satan and will eradicate him.  It is this author’s feeling that Satan represents sin and God knew sin existed and in Satan it manifested and through God’s plan sin had to manifest for God to eradicate it and the battle is part of the plan for its irradiation. What does this mean for humankind who live in this imperfect world with sinful and evil persons, where we experience death and loss and for some pain beyond our imaginations. But, in all of the pain this world offers and will only increase during the Tribulation, Jesus gives us the promise that he will always be with us that He will never forsake us.  We are never alone; He understands all of our pain and troubles.   The Son of God came to earth and died a most horrible and brutal death to offer us both redemption and consolation and in Him we have the promise of eternal life and of heaven, the place where we will not deal with any pain, or death, or loss, or sinful and evil persons.  It makes His world that which we can be happy to be part of as we separate from this world in Him. 

In business a good boss does not place himself above his employees but partakes in the very work that he asks them to do.  Jesus is like that business owner, he did not expect us to endure the pain and hardships of this life without first putting himself through them.   The cross in essence is multi faceted and not just a symbol of redemption but also of consolation.  The coming Tribulation and its hardships and the disasters that will occur and lead to the Tribulation are all the more reason to focus on the cross and the coming kingdom in which all that is evil and sinful will be eradicated. 

In Hebrews Chapter 11 which acts as the hall of faith listing its great leaders, verse 13 states that “they confessed that they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth” and 14 goes on to say that “they seek a homeland” 16 adds that “they desire a better, that is a heavenly country”. The chapter concludes by mentioning the prophets and others who met brutal tortures and deaths and also those who “wandered about in sheepskins, and goatskins, being destitute, afflicted, tormented—of whom the world was not worthy.   They wandered in deserts and mountains, in dens and caves of the earth.”   We think of those greatly blessed with possessions and good things as those who God favors and finds worthy.   These things give one self esteem when as God sees it is those who during their faith walk suffer tremendous hardship, afflictions and loss and some for the cause of Christ that the world is not worthy of.  So it will be during the Tribulation, those who suffer through the hardships and endure will not be worthy of the world in which they find themselves and through it all Jesus will be right beside them.